PCA Provalia was founded by professional asset managers with more than ten years and who have developed, throughout their careers, a strong knowledge of multiple assets classes as well as successful investment techniques as to numerous financial products.

The fund PCA SICAV-SIF, SCA - PROVALIA INCOME SELECTION FUND and the "General Partner" PCA PROVALIA in charge of managing the fund are regulated by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg which is a secure and widely recognized investment fund centre.

Thanks to the excellent experience of the team and to a first success with PROVALIA CAPITAL an independent asset management company founded in Switzerland in 2007, we have decided to take advantage of our knowledge and experience by creating PCA PROVALIA in order to make available our performance through a dedicated investment fund.

PCA Provalia Sarl, General Partner of PCA SICAV-SIF, SCA – Provalia Income Selection Fund :  Authorized & Regulated in Luxembourg by the CSSF.