PCA SICAV-SIF, SCA is authorized in Switzerland :
  • The representative in Switzerland is CACEIS (Switzerland) S.A. (the “Swiss Representative”), Route de Signy 35,CH-1260 Nyon, Switzerland
  • The paying agent in Switzerland is CACEIS Bank, Paris, succursale de Nyon/Suisse, with its registered office at, Route de Signy 35, CH-1260 Nyon, Switzerland.

Place where the relevant documents may be obtained : The Prospectus, the Articles of association as well as the annual reports may be obtained free of charge from the Swiss Representative

pdfProspectus Swiss Investors
PCA Provalia Sarl, General Partner of PCA SICAV-SIF, SCA – Provalia Income Selection Fund :  Authorized & Regulated in Luxembourg by the CSSF.